Should I hire a Stump Grinding Machine?

Reasons why we DO NOT recommend the use of hire machines

Here at Herts Stump Grinding, we DO NOT recommend the use of self hire tree stump removal machines.

Self hire machines are generally low powered pedestrian machines, which are considerably hard work to operate and will cost in the region of £100.00 per day. You will also need to factor in the cost of fuel and 'teeth'.

These machines can be very dangerous for the inexperienced, especially when not used correctly. The below article demonstrates just how dangerous it can be to tackle the job of stump grinding yourself.
The Scottish Sun - Gardener Loses Leg.

Other Considerations

Will the hire company provide:


• Adequate training for the machine
• Correct PPE
• Hard Hat with Visor
• Safety Glasses
• Ear Protection
• Respirator/Dust Mask
• Fluorescent Jacket
• Heavy Duty Work Trousers
• Gloves
• Steel Toe Capped Boots.
• Signage
• Cones
• Protective shielding
• Boards for soft ground
• First Aid Kit
• Trauma Kit

Herts Stump Grinding are fully qualified, insured and have many years of experience in the trade. We use the most modern, up to date tree stump removal machines available. They are maintained and serviced regularly, ensuring all parts including emergency stops are fully functioning and protective and safety guards are in place.

We also carry a huge selection of hand and power tools to tidy the area once we have finished stump grinding, making sure we leave the site safe and tidy.

Contact us for more details and information on how we can help you.